Why Use Natural Acne Treatments Over Prescribed Acne Products

The first thing that most acne sufferers would do once they have acne is to go to a dermatologist. Though may seem ideal, it may not be the best way to treat acne. Most dermatologist will only give you prescribed acne treatments that may or may not work for you. If you want a better way to treat acne, why not try natural acne treatments instead?

Natural acne treatments may be produced commercially by acne brands that uses natural ingredients instead of the harsh chemical compounds that aggressively eliminates acne. Aside from commercially produced natural treatments for acne, you also have the option to use natural acne treatments that are commonly found in your home. This proves to be the cheapest solution to fight acne.

Whether you use commercially produced acne treatments or natural acne treatments at home, both proves to be more cost-effective than prescribed acne treatments. Prescribed acne treatments cost a lot and the doctor visits are not that cheap either. After your doctor prescribe your acne treatment, you will need several clinic visits so that your dermatologists can assess the progress of your skin condition. Sometimes your dermatologist may even prescribe a different treatment if he finds that the treatment that you previously used does not or only have a little effect on your acne. Changing prescribed acne treatments and the endless clinic visits can surely break the bank.

Aside from cost reasons, natural acne treatments are way better than prescribed acne treatments in terms of safety. Prescribed acne treatments can be very effective. However, these treatments can also have detrimental side effects to your health. Prescribed acne treatments contain some kind of antibiotic or some type of Vitamin A derivative. Both can cause serious kidney damage and this can be fatal for your health. Prescribed acne treatments are not safe to use on pregnant women. Some of these treatments can cause serious damage to the unborn fetus. Women who are planning to have a baby should tell their dermatologist about this to prevent complications during child birth and to protect the unborn child from detrimental side effects caused by these drugs.

If you are planning to use prescribed acne treatments, it is important that you do your own research and be very particular of the risks involved. I know that getting rid of acne is important to every acne victim but protecting your health is so much more valuable than fighting acne.